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Male Nude Photography- Chance Bretton

Intimate moments with Chance Bretton, in his first ever photo shoot. Full frontal male nudity, color, 42 pages.

Starring - Chance Bretton.

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The Body Guards Jack Off Sessions

The Body Guards, as they get off during their photo shoots. Chance Bretton and Gianni shoot big body builder loads... Chris Silver, Dani Davey, Denton Wallace, and Tyler Peter stroke, and get stroked. All of the Body Guards have full length DVDs of their 1st nude photo shoot available here.

Starring - Gianni Gia, MJ, Chance Bretton, MJ^, Chris Silver, MJ^, Dani Davey, MJ^, Denton Wallace, MJ, Tyler Peter, MJ.

Compilation DVDs such as this will include scenes from Chance_Bretton's solo video(s).

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Male Nude Photography- Men of The Body Guards (7x10)

Portraits of the 16 Body Guards. Las Vegas men who you would typically see as security guards. Ranging from the very big and built, to the strong guy next door. In addition, each has their own photo book, as well as DVD of live video from their photo shoot.

Starring - Art Montana, Chance Bretton, Chris Silver, Christian Galan, Dani Davey, Denton Wallace, Farm Boy Tom, Freeman Hostel, Gianni, Hefner Ring, James Burg, Johnny Tatts, Lyndon James, Michael Guard, Landon Taylor, Tyler Peter.

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Male Nude Photography- The Laughing Bobby II (7x10)

Nick Baer presents 35 male models in the classic Laughing Bobby Yoga pose. Full frontal male nudity, color, 40 pages.

Starring - Austin Power, Ben Alexander, Brian Gabriel, Chance Bretton, Chris Silver, Denware Dupuis, Diskiie, Dominik, Gab Cali, Gabriel Steele, Gianni Luca, Gianni Gia, Hapcio, Heinrich Hoddie, Jack Michaels, Jack Wojack, James Longtree, Joe Cannon, Joe Owens, Karlton King, Landon Taylor, Martin from Poland, Mergoo, Mike Reddev, Mr Babylon, Oliver Starr, Paul From Poland, Przemo, Rich Andrews, Rocco Gabriell, Sebastian Forde, Siwy, Tobey Harte, Travis James, Tyler James.

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Male Nude Photography- Touch Your Toes - The Rear View III (7x10)

Nick Baer presents 42 of his models, from the rear view. 48 pages.

Starring - Austin Power, Bailey Charles, Ben Alexander, Chance Bretton, Chris Silver, Dani Davey, Dawson, Denton Wallace, Denware Dupuis, Dylan Jordan, Farm Boy Tom, Gabriel, Gianni Luca, Gianni, Janssen, Heinrich Hoddie, Jean Pierre, Jo Kovak, Karlton King, Landon Taylor, Michal Janus, Oliver Starr, Paul From Poland, Przemo, Quinoa, Rich Andrews, Rocco Gabriel, Scott Reeves, Sebastian Forde, Siwy, Steven Jay, Tobey Harte, Travis James, Travis Pinelli, Troy Bardem, Tyler James, Tyler Peter, Warr N Piece, Zack Mitchel, Zoli.

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Male Nude Photography- The Body Guards Hands

Nick Baer's newest portfolio of men's hands, features the men of The Body Guards. Since 2010, fans have enjoyed the books and DVDs of The Body Guards, fit muscle guys and body builders during their first nude photo shoots. This book features Nick Baer's classic theme of their hands, strategically placed... Full frontal male nudity, color.

Starring - Adam Chase, Adam Westerly, Art Montana, Ben Alexander, Bhagwan, Bryan Valley, Chance Bretton, Chance Bretton, Chris Oregon, Chris Silver, Chris Silver, Christian Galan, Dani Davey, Denton Wallace, Matt Prince, Dylan Anthony, Farm Boy Tom, Freeman Hostel, Gianni, Gianni Luca, Hassan Nadar, Hefner Ring, Jake Diamond, James Burg, Johnny Tatts, Keith Leeland, Kraig Steele, Landon Taylor, Lawler Finde, Leron Brown, Lyndon James, Michael Guard, Ned Steele, Nick Parkwood, Nick Parris, Ron Rebel, Tom Browne, Tyler Peter, Vlad Impaler.

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